Learning new skills shouldn’t be hard

SkillsForce is a social enterprise that empowers the youth in Pakistan with skills of the future to build a better career.

We hope to build a community of people who want to learn new skills and embrace the digital future.

Our programs are designed with an objective to empower people with a mindset at the intersection of digital thinking, emotional intelligence and social consciousness. 

This is your place to experiment, to meet new people, to build new things and to change yourself in a positive way.

Saad Hamid

Founder and CEO, SkillsForce

Our team

Saad Hamid

Saad Hamid

Founder and CEO

Saad is the Founder and CEO who spends most of his time designing new programs and is the instructor for WordPress.



Program Lead

Fatima is the Program Lead for Sheskills and also an instructor on web and html/css.

Tahira naseem

Tahira naseem

Marketing Lead

Tahira is the Marketing Lead for the Sheskills program and also an instructor on graphics and Photoshop.

How it works

Skills of Future

After weeks of research and analysis, we assemble a list of skills that are hot in the future and can help people land their future jobs.

Courses and training

We offer courses and training events for young people by industry experts. Learn the skills of the future by the most accomplished people in the industry.

crafted talent

Through our online courses and trainings, We produce the most skilled and creative professionals and prepare them to stand out of the crowd and land their dream job.

There’s no right place or time to start learning something.

Learn what they don’t teach you in Schools and Colleges, Discover yourself and build your future.