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SkillsForce empowers the young by helping them learn skills of the future.

The skills fellowship

The Skills Fellowship is a unique 6-week program developed by School of Skills for young people aged 18-25 to help them develop leadership skills for a better career and what makes us unique is that we use a three-pronged skill development approach primarily focusing on digital thinking, emotional intelligence and social consciousness.
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Our mission is to make you super employable by giving you the skills you need to build a career you love.

Business skills

Let the top minds in tech and business expand your horizons.

graphic design

Explore how your creative side can be utilised in the tech industry.


Discover the essential language of the future: coding.

digital marketing

Find out how to stand out online and cultivate your brand.

emotional intelligence

Learn how to work in a team and present your ideas.


Learn the art and craft of bringing your idea to reality.

There’s no right place or time to start learning something.

Learn what they don’t teach you in Schools and Colleges, Discover yourself and build your future.